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short Dipole

Delta Loop

LOC:JO51PL      CQ-Zone:14


he dipole has a length of 20,2m. The height of the suspension is 6m, a not exactly favorable height, but just the feasible. From the feeding point, a self-made two-wire cable, 5m long, 250 ohms, leads to a junction box. There it is connected to a TWINCOM two-wire line. TWNCOM is located at a depth of 0.5m, in the ground, to the house wall and further to the station.


he Delta loop does not need much space as a full wave loop. The lower side of the triangle is still easily accessible at 3.5m height. If one chooses the feeding point so that the impedance is close to 5o ohm, one needs except a standing wave barrier, which balances at the same time, no Balun for the connection of an RG213-Kabels.Dieses leads also in the earth to the Shack.Der flat angle of radiation brings over the Dipole advantages.